3 feb. 2011

Sol, Arena y Mar

Hi girls! today i just wanted to share with you a few pictures of the beach in my town. i think we all know apreciate a beautiful sunset with the company of our best friends or boyfriend. I hope you enjoy it. see you guys soon, good luck.

 haha this is mee..

 this is a house at the beach. it's so awesome.. i like it.

 lol.. it's me again. a long time ago.

 the water was sooo cold..

 this is one of my favorite beaches.

 This is Playa los Muertos en Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. i had a fake tattoo.. my friends paid for the tattoo and forced me to wear it on my wrist. love that day.

 me showing my fake tatto with my hippie style. haha

All the photos are taken by me.

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  1. love these photos, make me wish that it was summer in england so bad!



  2. This beach is so gorgeous, I would love to be there right now =)

  3. such pretty pictures ! your so lucky to have a beach near you
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  4. i'mm jealous, i want to go to the beach now! :)
    the sunset is beautiful :)
    nice blog!

    please "like" my blog's page on facebook!

  5. Hola yo soy de Guadalajara. Me llamo la atención el nombre de tu blog. Yo tambien amo Londres. Saludos! x

  6. quiero verano!;d
    saludos desde Polonia!


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